Intervista semiseria a Chris Spooner by Claudia

Oggi nuova chicca di Claudia che intervista Chris Spooner, stavolta in Inglese, godetevela!

Vi mancavano vero le interviste del martedi?
Per il momento, dato il troppo lavoro, non posso garantire una continuita’, ma cerchero’ di mettercela tutta per proporre qualcosa che esca dalle solite domande.
Quindi andiamo a vedere cosa si nasconde dietro quel fenomeno di Chris Spooner, che ha recentemente comprato una nuova macchina =)
Ma non e’ la cosa importante, almeno non e’ la piu’ importante.. Chris fa un sacco di cose: mantiene un blog personale, un blog di design, collabora con moltissimi autorevoli siti che si occupano di grafica e di design, primo tra tutti Line25. Che altro si puo’ dire di una persona cosi’?

Leggete l’intervista, che ho lasciato rigorosamente in inglese per non togliere niente alla naturalezza delle sue risposte!

So.. you have a real life beside all your works?
Yep! I’m pretty much a real person. I live with my fiancee and do normal things like watching movies at the cinema. 🙂

How come you have such a smartness in web design? We all suppose you’re a guru..
Haha thank you. I simply follow my inspirations and influences and take the time to experiment with new techniques. I then enjoy sharing these with other people, which all helps associate you with the content you pump out.

..talking about guru and web design: there’s a flaming quarrelling all over the net against guru and designers that – they say – are killing the design community. What about you? Are you killing someone? Should I run before you shoot? =)
No doubt there will be some accusations that what I do somehow kills the community. Unfortunately there will always be people who are against what you do in every walk of life.

What are your fave dishes?
Chicken Tikka Masala has become a favourite meal of mine, along with Cajun chicken, and my fiancee’s chicken pasta. Needless to say I consume a lot of chicken.

And if you weren’t Chris Spooner what character you’d like to be? You can travel in past and present with this imaginary time machine =)
I would have to be SuperTed. He was my childhood hero.

Is it true that many girls write to you in order to get so close and be engaged? Guess you’ve got a full carnet for dating, then =)
Haha unfortunately not, but I thought I’d prepare for the occasion just in case. I’m happily settled with my beautiful fiancee, who feeds and looks after me.

You play some instrument?
Do Guitar Hero drums count?

Yes, it counts, as long as the doorbell I play counts =)
And.. why a Mac?

Since moving to Mac I’ve realised just how much more streamlined they are to use. The displays are crisp and bright, they looks great and everything just works.

You have been interviewed by thousand people (and counting..) why did you accepted to get interviewed by me? No, stop! I know the answer: because I’m the greatest 3D artist you ever met! .. well, ok, that’s not true but.. do you like answering dozens of times the same questions?
I’m always amazed when people are willing to take the time to listen to what I have to say. I’m honoured that you’re willing to reserve a whole post on your blog about me, so why wouldn’t I agree! It’s also a great opportunity to be introduced to new members of the community, some of which might not have heard of me or my blogs before.

Arrange your space: a small sofa in a big white living room or a big wooden table in a small yellow kitchen? (this question is a “must” at the interior design school, its role is to determine how much time you spent trying to choose one of the two instead of asking for customers way of living.. the first rule for period designer either is to promote customers “sensitivy” and not imposing designer “relativity”)
Interesting question. If I was designing for my own tastes I’d have to go with the large white room and small sofa. This would leave more space for me to play with my little toy helicopter and paper aeroplanes!

Imagine you’re an astronaut: what planet (and why) would you like to esplore?
Saturn has always been my favourite planet. So that would be the first stop on my cosmic journey.

Mostly casual (it’s a random thing what comes out from your wardrobe), fashion victim (you’d kill to have the latest frog-skin-boots) or trend staunch (dress like the best)?
Mostly casual for sure. I usually have to let my fiancee Laura pick out something for me to wear for special occasions, otherwise I’d walk out the door in jeans, t-shirt and trainers.

Once more on food: have you got a special recipe to offer?
None at all. Cooking is not my forte.

You’re a good guy: mind to give some great advices to newcomers or better spray off some napalm thingies in order to scoop the competition? =)
I always advice for anyone looking to establish themselves in the design world to simply continually experiment with different styles and techniques, and most of all enjoy what you’re doing. Don’t worry too much about anything, just do whatever gets your creative juices flowing. Sharing this knowledge with others could then put you in a position to pick up some exposure and be associated with the work you produce.

If you were a Cosplayer what costume you’ll be happy to dress? [Pikachu section is full up, just to let you know..]
I can’t say I’m entirely sure if there’s any limits or whether I’m supposed to pick something out of a specific genre, but Batman has always been a costume I’d love to rock. I think a few more gym sessions are in order first though.

Ecco, sicuramente Chris e’ una persona che ha talento ma ha anche tanta simpatia e bonta’ d’animo.
Se ancora non lo conoscete, se non conoscete i suoi lavori e il suo stile, vi suggerisco di correre a documentarvi; se invece lo conoscete gia’ adesso sapete come fare per ingraziarvelo (come? .. con il pollo =P)


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